Traveling pulses in type-I excitable media

Arinyo-i-Prats, Andreu; Moreno-Spiegelberg, Pablo; Matias, Manuel A.; Gomila, Damià
Physical Review E 104, L052203 (2021)

We consider a general model exhibiting type-I excitability mediated by a homoclinic and a saddle node on the
invariant circle bifurcations. We show how the distinct properties of type-I with respect to type-II excitability
confer unique features to traveling pulses in excitable media. They inherit the characteristic divergence of type-I
excitable trajectories at threshold exhibiting analogous scalings in the spatial thickness of the pulses. Our
results pave the way to identify basic underlying mechanisms behind type-I excitable pulses based solely on the
characteristics of the pulse.

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