Squeezing as a resource for time series processing in quantum reservoir computing

García-Beni, Jorge; Giorgi, Gianluca; Soriano, Miguel C.; Zambrini, Roberta
Optics Express 32, 6733-6747 (2024)

Squeezing is known to be a quantum resource in many applications in metrology, cryptography, and computing, being related to entanglement in multimode settings. In this work, we address the effects of squeezing in neuromorphic machine learning for time-series processing. In particular, we consider a loop-based photonic architecture for reservoir computing and address the effect of squeezing in the reservoir, considering a Hamiltonian with both active and passive coupling terms. Interestingly, squeezing can be either detrimental or beneficial for quantum reservoir computing when moving from ideal to realistic models, accounting for experimental noise. We demonstrate that multimode squeezing enhances its accessible memory, which improves the performance in several benchmark temporal tasks. The origin of this improvement is traced back to the robustness of the reservoir to readout noise, which is increased with squeezing.

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