Noisy kinetic-exchange opinion model with aging

Vieira,Allan R.;Llabrés,Jaume;Toral,Raúl;Anteneodo,Celia
Phys. Rev. E 109, 064119 (2024)

We study the critical behavior of a noisy kinetic opinion model subject to resilience to change depending on aging, defined as the time spent on the current opinion state. In this model, the opinion of each agent can take the three discrete values, the extreme ones ±1, and also the intermediate value 0, and it can evolve through kinetic exchange when interacting with another agent, or independently, by stochastic choice (noise). The probability of change by pairwise interactions depends on the age that the agent has remained in the same state, according to a given kernel. We particularly develop the cases where the probability decays either algebraically or exponentially with the age, and we also consider the anti-aging scenario where the probability increases with the age, meaning that it is more likely to change mind the longer the persistence in the current state. For the opinion dynamics in a complete graph, we obtain analytical predictions for the critical curves of the order parameters, in perfect agreement with agent-based simulations. We observe that sufficiently weak aging (slow change of the kernel with the age) favors partial consensus with respect to the aging-insensitive scenario, while for sufficiently strong aging, as well as for anti-aging, the opposite trend is observed.

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