Extinction and coexistence in a binary mixture of proliferating motile disks

Almodovar, Alejandro; Galla, Tobias; López, Cristóbal
Submitted (2024)

A binary mixture of two-different-sizes proliferating motile disks is studied. As growth is spacelimited, we focus on the conditions such that there is coexistence of both large and small disks, or dominance of the larger disks. The study involves systematically varying some system parameters, such as diffusivities, growth rates, and self-propulsion velocities. In particular, we demonstrate that diffusing faster confers a competitive advantage, so that larger disks can in the long time coexist or even dominate to the smaller ones. In the case of self-propelled disks a coexistence regime is induced by the activity where the two types of disks show the same spatial distribution: both phase separated or both homogenously distributed in the whole system.

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