Experimental Study of the Transitions between Synchronous Chaos and a Periodic Rotating Wave

Sánchez, Esteban; Pazó, Diego; Matías, Manuel A.
Chaos 16, 033122 (1-10) (2006)

The transition between periodic rotating waves and synchronized
chaos in a ring of unidirectionally coupled Lorenz oscillators
is experimentally investigated by means of electronic circuits.
The study is complemented by means of numerical and theoretical
The intermediate states and their transitions are identified.
The route linking periodic behavior with synchronous chaos involves two-
and three-frequency quasiperiodicity and
a type of high-dimensional chaos known as chaotic rotating wave.
The 3D-torus exists in a finite parameter
region robustly, and has been experimentally observed and characterized
with the aid of Fourier analysis and the Poincar\'e cross section technique.
The high-dimensional chaotic behavior is also characterized, and
is shown to be composed actually by three different behaviors.
Very good agreement is found in all the transitions between
the experimental results and the corresponding numerical analysis of
the model.

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