Effects of a localized beam on the dynamics of excitable cavity solitons

Jacobo, Adrian; Gomila, Damià; Matías, Manuel A.; Colet, Pere
Physical Review A 78, 053821 (1-9) (2008)

We study the dynamical behavior of dissipative solitons in an optical cavity filled with a Kerr medium when a localized beam is applied on top of the homogeneous pumping. In particular, we report on the excitability regime that cavity solitons exhibits which is emergent property since the system is not locally excitable. The resulting scenario differs in an important way from the case of a purely homogeneous pump and now two different excitable regimes, both Class I, are shown. The whole scenario is presented and discussed, showing that it is organized by three codimension-2 points. Moreover, the localized beam can be used to control important features, such as the excitable threshold, improving the possibilities for the experimental observation of this phenomenon.

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