Dephasing-Induced Mobility Edges in Quasicrystals

Longhi, Stefano
Physical Review Letters 132, 236301 (1-7) (2024)

Mobility edges (ME), separating Anderson-localized states from extended states, are known to arise in the single-particle energy spectrum of certain one-dimensional lattices with aperiodic order. Dephasing and decoherence effects are widely acknowledged to spoil Anderson localization and to enhance transport, suggesting that ME and localization are unlikely to be observable in the presence of dephasing. Here it is shown that, contrary to such a wisdom, ME can be created by pure dephasing effects in quasicrystals in which all states are delocalized under coherent dynamics. Since the lifetimes of localized states induced by dephasing effects can be extremely long, rather counterintuitively decoherence can enhance localization of excitation in the lattice. The results are illustrated by considering photonic quantum walks in synthetic mesh lattices.

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