Conductance oscillations and speed of chiral Majorana mode in a quantum anomalous Hall two-dimensional strip

Osca, Javier; Serra, Llorenç
Physical Review B 98, 121407(R)(1-4) (2018)

We predict conductance oscillations in a quantum anomalous Hall two-dimensional strip having a superconducting region of length Lx with a chiral Majorana mode. These oscillations require a finite transverse extension of the strip Ly of a few microns or less. Measuring the conductance periodicity with Lx and a fixed bias, or with bias and a fixed Lx, yields the speed of the chiral Majorana mode. The physical mechanism behind the oscillations is the interference between backscattered chiral modes from the second to first interface of the normal-superconductor-normal double junction. The interferometer effect is enhanced by the presence of side barriers.

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