Chaotic synchronization in small assemblies of driven Chua's circuits

Sanchez, E.; Matias, M.A.; Perez-Muñuzuri, V.
IEEE Transactions in Circuits and Systems-I 47, 644-654 (2000)

Chaotic synchronization is studied in experiments performed on dynamic arrays
of Chua's circuits that are connected by using a recently introduced driving
method specially suited for the design of such arrays. Namely, the driven
circuit has the same number of energy storage elements as the driving circuit.
The experimental results, that are supported by theoretical analysis, are
different depending on the geometric arrangement of the array. In the case of
linear arrays the first circuit always imposes its behavior to the rest of the
chain at a finite velocity. Instead, in the case of ring geometries the chaotic
synchronized state is only stable upto a certain size of the ring. Beyond this
critical size a desynchronizing bifurcation occurs, leading to a chaotic
rotating wave that travels through the array. This instability is explained by
performing an analysis in terms of modes.

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