• P.I.: Jose Javier Ramasco
  • Coordinator: Jose Javier Ramasco (IFISC) and Alvaro Lopez Garcia (IFCA)
  • Partners: IFISC, IFCA, IEGD, CEAB
  • Start date: April 28, 2021
  • End date: Dec. 31, 2023

Project to build a data-driven simulation platform associated to the PTI Salud Global of CSIC and funding through recovery funds EUNextGeneration.


  • Pere Colet

    Pere Colet

  • Jose Javier Ramasco

    Jose Javier Ramasco

  • Sandro Meloni

    Sandro Meloni

  • Roberto J. Alcaraz

    Roberto J. Alcaraz

  • Miquel Artigues

    Miquel Artigues

  • Antònia Tugores

    Antònia Tugores

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