• P.I.: Jose Javier Ramasco
  • Partners: CSIC researchers (400), groups (70) and institutes (35)
  • Web page:
  • Start date: June 1, 2021
  • End date: April 29, 2024

HUB CSIC for fomenting the research and services on Artificial Intelligence.


  • Pere Colet

    Pere Colet

  • Miguel C. Soriano

    Miguel C. Soriano

  • Ingo Fischer

    Ingo Fischer

  • Damià Gomila

    Damià Gomila

  • Lucas Lacasa

    Lucas Lacasa

  • Manuel Matías

    Manuel Matías

  • Claudio Mirasso

    Claudio Mirasso

  • Jose Javier Ramasco

    Jose Javier Ramasco

  • Roberta Zambrini

    Roberta Zambrini

  • Gian Luca Giorgi

    Gian Luca Giorgi

  • Massimiliano Zanin

    Massimiliano Zanin

  • Sandro Meloni

    Sandro Meloni

  • Silvia Ortín

    Silvia Ortín

  • Antònia Tugores

    Antònia Tugores

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