Photonics and Quantum systems

In this research line, IFISC researchers have been investigating approaches based on complex systems to study processes in physical systems, mostly in quantum physics and in photonic information processing. For example, work has been done in synchronization and information transmission in quantum networks, quantum transport in nanodevices, graphene, thermoelectricity, Josephson junctions and Majorana physics in nanostructures. Quantum machine learning is also a topic of interest, which explores different learning approaches to identify a quantum advantage for data analysis.

Dynamical properties of photonic systems, such as lasers, optical amplifiers and fibers, have been studied in detail and used in data decoding applications for datacom and telecom. They are ideal hardware platforms for brain-inspired and neuromorphic computing, which has led to the development of novel computing concepts such as dendritic computing and folded-in-time deep neural networks and reservoir computers, heading towards more versatile and energy-efficient brain-inspired information processing and artificial intelligence.



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