Quantifying the diversity of multiple time series with an ordinal symbolic approach

Zunino, Luciano; Soriano, Miguel C.
Physical Review E 108, 065302 (2023)

The main motivation of this paper is to introduce the ordinal diversity, a symbolic tool able to quantify the degree of diversity of multiple time series. Analytical, numerical, and experimental analyses illustrate the utility of this measure to quantify how diverse, from an ordinal perspective, a set of many time series is. We have shown that ordinal diversity is able to characterize dynamical richness and dynamical transitions in stochastic processes and deterministic systems, including chaotic regimes. This ordinal tool also serves to identify optimal operating conditions in the machine learning approach of reservoir computing. These results allow us to envision potential applications for the handling and characterization of large amounts of data, paving the way for addressing some of the most pressing issues facing the current big data paradigm.

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