IFISC People: Antonio Fernández, Acharya Kishor, Raúl López and José María Ramos

Feb. 19, 2024

We’re glad to present Antonio Fernández, Acharya Kishor, Raúl López and José María Ramos to the other IFISC members. 

Antonio Fernández was a postdoctoral researcher at the Helmholtz Institute for Functional Marine Biodiversity (HIFMB, University of Oldenburg). His research aligns with the general theme of complex systems, specifically within the strategic lines of "Concepts and Tools" and "Social and Socio-technical Systems”. His areas of study include network theory, dynamical systems, determinism vs. stochasticity, collective phenomena, statistical physics, social dynamics, language and opinion dynamics. He also shows interest in the "Life and Environment" line, with focuses on mathematical epidemiology, population dynamics, and ecological modeling. He has been appointed as a Permanent Laboral Professor. 

Acharya Kishor, hailing from Nepal, has completed his Master's degree in Plasma Physics in France and earned his PhD in Physics from the University of Luxembourg. At IFISC, he will be collaborating with Massimiliano Zanin on research primarily focused on applying information theoretic measures to analyze the air transport system. Beyond his professional endeavors, Kishor takes pleasure in reading books and engaging in hiking. 

Raúl López, who graduated in Physics from the University of Salamanca and completed a Master in Physics of Complex Systems from UIB-IFISC, will spend the next four years at IFISC as a predoctoral researcher working with Massimiliano Zanin. His research will analyze aircraft interactions through complex networks, aiming to better understand en-route pairwise aircraft distance conflicts and develop strategies to manage them. This work extends the research initiated in 2021 with a JAE Intro research scholarship. 

José María Ramos graduated in Physics from the University of La Laguna in 2021. He later obtained a Master's in Physics of Complex Systems at IFISC. At our Institute, he will work with José Javier Ramasco on mobility topics, particularly focusing on traffic and vehicle emissions as a PhD researcher.


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