IFISC (UIB-CSIC) collaborates in the innovative EUR2J Project to promote energy transition through education.

Jan. 29, 2024

● IFISC brings its experience in complex systems, collaborating in a pioneering project for education and public awareness.

● The aim of the project is to combine science and social interaction to transform how we understand and use energy, a critical challenge for the future.

The Institute of Cross-disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems (IFISC), a joint centre of the University of the Balearic Islands and the Spanish National Research Council, is participating in the project Del euro al joule (EUR2J), led by the Autonomous University of Barcelona and in collaboration with the EURECAT Foundation (Technological Centre of Catalonia), funded by the Barcelona City Council and the Fundació la Caixa within the Pla Barcelona Ciència programme. This research project, which will run for 2 years, aims to promote education and public awareness in the field of energy transition, highlighting the importance of energy saving and efficiency.

The project is based on three main axes:

(i) The creation of a comprehensive digital platform that will host a variety of educational resources, including informative videos and interactive workshops through various social networks. (ii) A study of social networks showing the impact of their contents depending on the language (scientific or viral) used. (iii) A detailed analysis of the temporal and geographical patterns of new self-consumption photovoltaic installations, analysing to what extent these patterns can be attributed to social imitation phenomena, thus contributing to a better understanding of the adoption of sustainable technologies.

With IFISC's unique expertise in the study of complex systems and their application in various areas, the institute plays a crucial role in analysing the influence of social transmission dynamics on the acquisition of knowledge and the adoption of new energy practices and technologies. IFISC's interdisciplinary approach will allow it to contribute its expertise in modelling and data analysis, facilitating not only a better understanding of behavioural patterns, but also the design of effective strategies for education and the adoption of sustainable technologies.

With the EUR2J project, IFISC and its partners hope to make a difference on the road to a more energy-conscious and energy-efficient society. This project represents an important step in IFISC's mission to apply complex systems science to address critical societal challenges. IFISC's participation in the project is coordinated by researcher Raúl Toral.


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