• I.P.: Ernesto Estrada, Ingo Fischer, Emilio Hernández-García, Rosa Lopez, Claudio Mirasso, Jose Javier Ramasco, Raúl Toral, Roberta Zambrini
  • Data d'inici: 1 de gener de 2023
  • Data de finalització: 31 de desembre de 2026

After 15 years of its existence, IFISC can point to a proven track record of impactful research. The previous 2018-2022 MdM award has significantly enhanced the institute's capabilities, as demonstrated by an approx. growth of 30%. Our goal for this new MdM award is a further step-change in IFISC's status as an internationally recognized unit of excellence in complex systems and information processing. To this end, we embrace the following main strategic objectives for the period 2022-2025:
O1- Our approach of addressing the science of complex systems from the physics perspective gives us a unique opportunity to contribute to challenges identified by the European Community and the Spanish government for the next decade. To this end, we will carry out an ambitious adaptation of our research lines. These include social and socio-technical systems, digitalization and artificial intelligence, life, and health, as well as climate and environment, as detailed in our entangled-3-pillar structure below. Building on our physics expertise, we will take a cross-disciplinary transversal approach, enhancing our research capabilities and potential for innovation in complex systems.
O2- To attract further talent, in particular internationally, and to deliver a training program of the highest quality for students and researchers at all levels. We anticipate 2 further permanent scientists and 1 permanent technician in the next months. Our ambition is a trajectory of controlled growth while improving gender balance and diversity.
O3- To cement IFISC's position as a recognized international beacon for complex systems science, with an active visitor program and wide-reaching participation and leadership in international projects. We would like IFISC to be a continuous generator of new good practices, and to act as a role model for promoting equality, diversity, career support, and dignity at work.


  • Apostolos Argyris

    Apostolos Argyris

  • Pere Colet

    Pere Colet

  • Miguel C. Soriano

    Miguel C. Soriano

  • Ernesto Estrada

    Ernesto Estrada

  • Juan Fernández Gracia

    Juan Fernández Gracia

  • Ingo Fischer

    Ingo Fischer

  • Tobias Galla

    Tobias Galla

  • Damià Gomila

    Damià Gomila

  • Emilio Hernández-García

    Emilio Hernández-García

  • Lucas Lacasa

    Lucas Lacasa

  • Rosa Lopez

    Rosa Lopez

  • Manuel Matías

    Manuel Matías

  • Sandro Meloni

    Sandro Meloni

  • Claudio Mirasso

    Claudio Mirasso

  • Jose Javier Ramasco

    Jose Javier Ramasco

  • Maxi San Miguel

    Maxi San Miguel

  • David Sánchez

    David Sánchez

  • Llorenç Serra

    Llorenç Serra

  • Tomás Sintes

    Tomás Sintes

  • Raúl Toral

    Raúl Toral

  • Roberta Zambrini

    Roberta Zambrini

  • Gian Luca Giorgi

    Gian Luca Giorgi

  • Gonzalo Manzano

    Gonzalo Manzano

  • Carlos Melian

    Carlos Melian

  • Michael Moskalets

    Michael Moskalets

  • Enrico Ser-Giacomi

    Enrico Ser-Giacomi

  • Massimiliano Zanin

    Massimiliano Zanin

  • Juan Carlos Gonzalez-Avella

    Juan Carlos Gonzalez-Avella

  • Konstantin Klemm

    Konstantin Klemm

  • Stefano Longhi

    Stefano Longhi

  • Horacio Wio

    Horacio Wio

  • Andreu Arinyo

    Andreu Arinyo

  • Paolo Bartesaghi

    Paolo Bartesaghi

  • Federico Bellisardi

    Federico Bellisardi

  • Enrique Cano

    Enrique Cano

  • Benjamin Carreras

    Benjamin Carreras

  • Claudio Gallicchio

    Claudio Gallicchio

  • Shraddha Gupta

    Shraddha Gupta

  • José Manuel Gutiérrez

    José Manuel Gutiérrez

  • Kun Woo Kim

    Kun Woo Kim

  • Long Nguyen

    Long Nguyen

  • Iago Pérez

    Iago Pérez

  • Fiona Pichon

    Fiona Pichon

  • Jan Rombouts

    Jan Rombouts

  • Osvaldo Rosso

    Osvaldo Rosso

  • Ana Ruiz Varona

    Ana Ruiz Varona

  • Murielle Vanessa Tchakui

    Murielle Vanessa Tchakui

  • Federico Vazquez

    Federico Vazquez

  • Elger Vlieg

    Elger Vlieg

  • Javier Aguilar

    Javier Aguilar

  • Lluis Arola Fernández

    Lluis Arola Fernández

  • Nassima Benchtaber

    Nassima Benchtaber

  • Christos Charalambous

    Christos Charalambous

  • Charles Santana

    Charles Santana

  • Eliana Fiorelli

    Eliana Fiorelli

  • Pere Mujal

    Pere Mujal

  • Felipe Olivares

    Felipe Olivares

  • Silvia Ortín

    Silvia Ortín

  • Moritz Pflüger

    Moritz Pflüger

  • Lucia Ramirez

    Lucia Ramirez

  • Jorge P. Rodríguez

    Jorge P. Rodríguez

  • Giulia Ruzzene

    Giulia Ruzzene

  • Sungguen Ryu

    Sungguen Ryu

  • Andrea Tabi

    Andrea Tabi

  • David Abella

    David Abella

  • Hira Ali

    Hira Ali

  • Jose Antonio Almanza

    Jose Antonio Almanza

  • Alejandro Almodóvar

    Alejandro Almodóvar

  • Miguel Alvarez

    Miguel Alvarez

  • Beatriz Arregui

    Beatriz Arregui

  • Gorka Buenvaron

    Gorka Buenvaron

  • Carlson M. Büth

    Carlson M. Büth

  • Annalisa Caligiuri

    Annalisa Caligiuri

  • Marco Cattaneo

    Marco Cattaneo

  • Dimitrios Chalkiadakis

    Dimitrios Chalkiadakis

  • Paride Crisafulli

    Paride Crisafulli

  • Mar Cuevas

    Mar Cuevas

  • Juan De Gregorio

    Juan De Gregorio

  • Rebeca de la Fuente

    Rebeca de la Fuente

  • Daniele Di Miceli

    Daniele Di Miceli

  • Fernando Diaz

    Fernando Diaz

  • Noemie Ehstand

    Noemie Ehstand

  • Cristian Estarellas

    Cristian Estarellas

  • Pau Esteve

    Pau Esteve

  • Javier Galvan

    Javier Galvan

  • Jorge García

    Jorge García

  • Juan Antonio García

    Juan Antonio García

  • Alex Gimenez

    Alex Gimenez

  • Pedro Jiménez

    Pedro Jiménez

  • Adrià Labay

    Adrià Labay

  • Jaume Llabrés

    Jaume Llabrés

  • Guillem Llodra

    Guillem Llodra

  • Raul Lopez

    Raul Lopez

  • Jorge Mampel

    Jorge Mampel

  • María Martínez-Barbeito

    María Martínez-Barbeito

  • Jorge Medina

    Jorge Medina

  • Manuel Miranda

    Manuel Miranda

  • Jesús A. Moreno

    Jesús A. Moreno

  • Pablo Moreno

    Pablo Moreno

  • Sara Oliver

    Sara Oliver

  • David Ortiz

    David Ortiz

  • Luisina Pastorino

    Luisina Pastorino

  • José María Ramos

    José María Ramos

  • Pablo Rosillo

    Pablo Rosillo

  • Jaime Sánchez

    Jaime Sánchez

  • Antonio Sannia

    Antonio Sannia

  • Aitor Sanzo

    Aitor Sanzo

  • Lucas Talandier

    Lucas Talandier

  • Fang Zhao

    Fang Zhao

  • Joan Antich

    Joan Antich

  • Mustapha Bousakla

    Mustapha Bousakla

  • Pablo Cabrales

    Pablo Cabrales

  • Ruben Calvo

    Ruben Calvo

  • Antonio A. Carpes

    Antonio A. Carpes

  • Luca Casagrande

    Luca Casagrande

  • Sebastian Castedo

    Sebastian Castedo

  • Daniel Cebrian

    Daniel Cebrian

  • Camilo Cela

    Camilo Cela

  • Isabel Cerezo

    Isabel Cerezo

  • Samuele Ciardella

    Samuele Ciardella

  • Teresa Corzo

    Teresa Corzo

  • Alfredo Crespo

    Alfredo Crespo

  • Miquel Duran

    Miquel Duran

  • Rosa Flaquer

    Rosa Flaquer

  • Benjamin Fried

    Benjamin Fried

  • Alberto Gallego

    Alberto Gallego

  • Jacopo Giorgi

    Jacopo Giorgi

  • Miguel Angel Gonzalez

    Miguel Angel Gonzalez

  • Nicoleta Kyosovska

    Nicoleta Kyosovska

  • Teresa Lázaro

    Teresa Lázaro

  • Alvaro Luque

    Alvaro Luque

  • Carles M. Martorell

    Carles M. Martorell

  • Lorenzo Mauro

    Lorenzo Mauro

  • Xisca Melia

    Xisca Melia

  • Adrian Nadal

    Adrian Nadal

  • Lina E. Navarro

    Lina E. Navarro

  • Marta Pedrosa

    Marta Pedrosa

  • Guillermo Perez de Arenaza

    Guillermo Perez de Arenaza

  • Carlota Prieto

    Carlota Prieto

  • Bernat Ramis

    Bernat Ramis

  • Elsa Rodriguez

    Elsa Rodriguez

  • Miguel Rodriguez

    Miguel Rodriguez

  • Ivonne P. Rojas

    Ivonne P. Rojas

  • Enrique Rozas García

    Enrique Rozas García

  • Alexandra Serna

    Alexandra Serna

  • Zita Szabó

    Zita Szabó

  • Jorge Valencia

    Jorge Valencia

  • Daniel Visa

    Daniel Visa

  • Roberto J. Alcaraz

    Roberto J. Alcaraz

  • Miquel Artigues

    Miquel Artigues

  • Inma Carbonell

    Inma Carbonell

  • Jonathan Ferrer

    Jonathan Ferrer

  • Adrián García

    Adrián García

  • Simona Obreja

    Simona Obreja

  • Marta Ozonas

    Marta Ozonas

  • Sergi Romero

    Sergi Romero

  • Alberto J. Sánchez

    Alberto J. Sánchez

  • Esteve Segui

    Esteve Segui

  • Akshay Tiwari

    Akshay Tiwari

  • Rubén Tolosa

    Rubén Tolosa

  • Antònia Tugores

    Antònia Tugores

  • Fatima Velasquez Rojas

    Fatima Velasquez Rojas

  • Francesca Callegari

    Francesca Callegari

  • Violeta Calleja Solanas

    Violeta Calleja Solanas

  • Nazareth Castellanos

    Nazareth Castellanos

  • Giovanni Donati

    Giovanni Donati

  • Eric Donald Dongmo

    Eric Donald Dongmo

  • Gabor Drotos

    Gabor Drotos

  • Mar Ferri

    Mar Ferri

  • Mirko Goldmann

    Mirko Goldmann

  • Eva Llabrés

    Eva Llabrés

  • Víctor M. Eguíluz

    Víctor M. Eguíluz

  • Graça R. M. de Almeida

    Graça R. M. de Almeida

  • Adrian C. Murza

    Adrian C. Murza

  • Katiele V. P. Brito

    Katiele V. P. Brito

  • Xavier Porte

    Xavier Porte

  • André Röhm

    André Röhm

  • Somaye Sheykhali

    Somaye Sheykhali

  • Hector Vaquero

    Hector Vaquero

Publicacions recents

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