• I.P.: Pere Colet
  • Coordinador: Pere Colet
  • Partners: IFISC (CSIC-UIB) and Laboratory of Modelling and Simulation in Engineering (University of Yaounde I, Cameroon).
  • Data d'inici: 1 de gener de 2020
  • Data de finalització: 31 de desembre de 2022

Access to electricity in most African countries is seriously limited. When conditions allow it, instability dominates the pow er grid and often leads to blackout. There is a very reduced number of specialists on the dynamics of power grids and control of the instability of power grids in Africa. Following some first steps taken by the members of this group, the goal of this project is, first to reinforce the knowledge on the dynamics and control of power grids, and second to train two postdoctoral collaborators so that they will have the scientific and technical skills and knowledge to intervene in electricity companies as specialists in questions related to power grid stability and control. Thus, our project is pursuing the Sustainable Development Goals 4 and 7.


  • Pere Colet

    Pere Colet

  • Damià Gomila

    Damià Gomila

Publicacions recents

Dynamics of a chain of unidirectionally coupled non-identical Van der Pol oscillators with a sinusoidal input at the first node

Tchakui, Murielle Vanessa; Woafo, Paul; Gomila, Damià; Colet, Pere
Pramana - Journal of Physics 97, 126 (1-8) (2023)

Signal transmission in a chain of unidirectionally coupled self-sustained Van der Pol oscillators: effect of additional nonlinearities and noisy chain units

Tchakui, Murielle Vanessa, Woafo, Paul; Gomila, Damià; Colet, Pere
European Physical Journal Plus 137, 3 (1-13) (2022)

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