Information processing with coupled laser networks

I.P.: Apostolos Argyris, Miguel C. Soriano
In the INFOLANET project, we will combine the expertise of the PIs on dynamical systems and machine learning to advance information processing concepts, based on a high-speed photonic implementation. We anticipate that ...


Climbing at the Source of Irreversibility

I.P.: Massimiliano Zanin
Irreversibility, i.e. the lack of invariance of the statistical properties of a system or time series under the operation of time reversal, has attracted the interest of the physics community since the ...


Validació d’un model de graus-dia per predir l’aparició de les primeres nimfes de Philaenus spumarius a les Illes Balears

I.P.: Manuel Matías
This is a contract (encàrrec de gestió) with the Conselleria d'Agricultura of the Balearic Government that has as goal to develop an informatic tool to predict the time of hatching of eggs ...


Corpus Automático y Fenómenos de Contacto en Mallorca: Inteligencia, Entrenamiento y Lengua

I.P.: David Sánchez
El presente proyecto tiene como objetivo avanzar en el conocimiento de la variedad de español en contacto con el catalán en Mallorca mediante la creación de un macrocorpus multiformato y la aplicación ...


Analysis of stability and resilience of Cameroon's power grid on the incorporation of renewable energy sources

I.P.: Pere Colet
Stable operation of the electric power grid is based on several control methods and suitable management that includes demand forecasting, technical maintenance, generation and transmission planning, etc. The grid operator is the ...


Quantum thermodynamics: information, fluctuations and complexity

I.P.: Gonzalo Manzano
In the last two decades, thermodynamics has been extended to describe small systems, where the action of environmental noise “blurs” traditional thermodynamic constraints and information plays a central role. While the first ...

Salud Global

Salud Global

I.P.: Jose Javier Ramasco
CSIC PTI (Interdisciplinar Platform) to foment the scientific collaborations between CSIC groups/institutes and industrial partners in the ambit of one health.

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