Jesús A. Moreno

Jesús Arturo Moreno López

I'm a PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Jose Javier Ramasco from Motril, Granada (Spain). I obtained my undergraduate degree in (Fundamental) Physics at Universidad Complutense of Madrid before moving to Paris to obtain a master's degree in Physics of Complex Systems offered in conjunction by Université de ParisSorbonne Université and Université Paris-Saclay. My work is focused heavily on computational and data-oriented approaches to discovering and understanding complexity in social and biological systems.

My internship at Pierre Louis Institute of Epidemiology and Public Health (IPLESP) in Paris under Dr. Chiara Poletto sparked my interest in network and agent-based modelling. Here at IFISC I will continue this line of work incorporating an emphasis on human mobility and real mobility data.
In my work so far, I aim to analyse economic and demographic inequalities in cities induced by housing and transport infrastructure via adaptive agent-based models, online networks and communities via pairwise and higher-order network theory and study the phenomenology, stability and phases occuring in individual-based models of noisy chasing dynamics.
I'm interested in many applications of complex systems theory and decision-based/evolutionary approaches to social and biological systems. In my PhD I wish to expand and deepen my knowledge of self-organising systems in both social and biological settings.

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