Nonlinear processes in the heart

  • Interdepartamental

  • Prof
  • Dante R. Chialvo M.D.
  • 24 de juny de 2003 a les 15:00
  • Sala de seminarios IMEDEA, Esporles

During our lifetime the heart beat about 2100,000,000 times, once every
second approximately. In a healthy individual only a few of those
millions fails to propagates trough the whole heart and in all of us,
sooner or latter, our life extinguish with a disorganized, often called
turbulent, propagation of the last heartbeat. This talk is a review of
the work done to understand how beats are missed and how turbulence
arises emphasizing the nonlinear dynamics responsible for the normal and
abnormal function of the heart as well as the unsolved problems.

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