Complex-systems methods for text analysis

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In this talk I will present how methods and ideas originated in the field of complex systems and statistical physics can be used to study computationally large collections of texts. Examples will include scaling laws [1], generalized entropies [2], and community-detection methods in complex networks [3].

[1] E. G. Altmann and M. Gerlach, "Statistical laws in linguistics", chapter in the book Creativity and Universality in Language (Springer, 2016)

[2] B. Shade and E. G. Altmann "Quantifying the Dissimilarity of Texts", Information 14(5), 271 (2023)

[3] M. Gerlach, T. P. Peixoto, and E. G. Altmann, "A network approach to topic models", Sci. Adv. 4, eaaq1360 (2018)

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Sandro Meloni

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